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People must connect to make cities come alive

An effective transportation infrastructure in and between cities is vital. With cities becoming more crowded, if they are to function properly, we have to ensure the fast and efficient movement of goods and people.

This goes much deeper than ensuring that roads are properly maintained and schedules run like clockwork. It also involves improving the physical mode of transport that we use, making them safer, more sustainable, more pleasant to travel in, better looking and more affordable.

On any given day, countless journeys are made all over the world, whether they are local or across thousands of miles. They can involve a simple commute or the transport of essential cargo across vast oceans. All of them help us to connect and bring life to our cities.

We therefore need to ensure that transport, which is so crucial to the success of all cities,
remains a key priority among decision makers so that we can keep our planet, and each other, properly connected.
People must connect to make cities come alive

Download the complete Human Cities initiative booklet (PDF - 5MB)