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Interpon Approved Applicators are a part of a network of coaters in New Zealand, who are assessed against comprehensive criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure their pre-treatment and application procedures meet our high quality standards.

This assurance of quality application means we can offer warranties when applied by Interpon Approved Applicators.

Interpon D accreditation

Interpon D Approved Applicators can purchase and warrant our entire range of Interpon D architectural coatings for application to aluminium substrates as specified for building purposes.

There are three levels of Interpon D accreditation:

The status of the applicator determines which products they are approved to apply. An applicator of a higher status may apply lower category products (and receive the lower category warranty) but not vice versa.

Steelplex™ accreditation

Steelplex™ Approved Applicators can provide corrosion protection warranties to a range of Interpon coating systems for application to steel substrates.

There are five levels of Steelplex™ accreditation:

The status of the applicator determines which system they are approved to apply.


How to Apply

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